Brandon Bauer, Urban Agriculture


The poster Urban Agriculture celebrates the international growth of this practice, and Milwaukee’s place within this ever-expanding international community. Urban Agriculture is a practice dedicated to the issues of food security, sustainability, as well as the greening of urban environments.

Kim Beckmann-Moegenburg, air + water + habitat


The poster air + water + habitat promotes community activism in reclaiming brown fields. Brown fields are abandoned, idled, under-utilized industrial and commercial facilities where real or perceived environmental contamination exists. By making this one of our priorities, we can gain and grow healthy environments for our communities while decreasing urban sprawl and the development of green fields.

Nicolas Lampert, Stop Organized Crime


The poster Stop Organized Crime addresses the impact that poverty and unemployment have on the community and the environment. Specifically, it addresses how corporate free trade agreements have made it easier for manufacturers to leave rust belt cities in favor of Mexico, China, and other countries were labor and environmental standards are low. The poster advocates for an end to NAFTA and similar agreements and a shift towards fair trade where economic and environmental justice is prioritized.

Amanda Cichanski and Michelle Schaefer, Untwist the Truth


We’ve all heard those rumors about plastic water bottles: they can leak toxins into your water, a large percentage of the bottles aren’t actually recycled, etc. Even if you search for information, you will often find yourself at websites from the bottling companies themselves that “twist” the truth. Our campaign involved creating posters, putting stickers on bottles around Milwaukee and creating a website to “untwist the truth.”

Additional posters that will be on display: (images can be seen in the “public interventions” section)

Raoul Deal and Larry Adams, Be Purposeful

William Andersen, Wisconsin China Made


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