Eddee Daniel and Charles St. Charles III, The Milwaukee River Watershed Mosaic


The Milwaukee River Watershed Mosaic combines a base image of the Milwaukee River watershed with thousands of images to be submitted by participants in the community. The public will be encouraged to submit images to this project and teachers will be encouraged to invite their classes to participate. The goal is to instill in as many people as possible a sense of place, to increase identification with the watershed, and to promote a commitment to the conservation of natural resources. The watershed mosaic was conceived to help people visualize and appreciate the local watershed, as well as its importance in sustaining a healthy environment.

Suzanne Rosenblatt and Spencer Tepper, Here, Lilac


The video, Here, Lilac uses poetry and visual art, humor and hooks, to make viewers aware that when we apply herbicides to our lawns, we poison the land, air, and water, poison our pets, our children, and ourselves. The impact of pesticides becomes personal: the death of a beloved dog named Lilac.

Lane Hall, Lisa Moline, and Dr. J. Rudi Strickler, Metazoa


The film Metazoa focuses upon Dr. Strickler’s pioneering visualization work on microscopic freshwater Zooplankton. The film utilizes video footage as well as some samples reworked for expressive and artistic purposes.

Lindsay Holden, Environmental Ethic


Environmental Ethic is a documentary video on the Urban Ecology Center located in Milwaukee. The video illustrates the Urban Ecology Center’s green facility, environmental educational programs, and overall goal. In addition, the video addresses the urgency for society to develop citizens who possess an environmental ethic.

Brandon Bauer, Fractured Landscapes


The video Fractured Landscapes speaks to the devastation caused by the loss of manufacturing jobs and environmental pollution in the in Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley. The video also addresses current economic redevelopment of the area, and the enormity of the task ahead as the city attempts to revive this once industrious central corridor.

Zachary Nesgoda, Out of Sight


The short film Out of Sight depicts the invisible journey our water takes every day. From 3’ above ground to 300’ below ground it is pumped to ground level, treated, channeled back below ground, and sent to our faucets miles away.

Ray Chi, Water Water Everywhere


Water Water Everywhere is a series of short video-art projects created by local middle-school students (Cass St. School and Lincoln Center of the Arts). The project was made possible through funding from Artists Working in Education, Inc. and was led by artist Ray Chi. The videos are poetic and artistic visualizations of water, through the eyes and minds of middle school students. Each video in the series was conceived, filmed, and produced by the students themselves.

Additional films to be screened: (image in the “installation” section)

Laura Klein, The Banquet

Brian Carlson, Growing Power (short film about Will Allan and Growing Power)


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