artist bios

Raoul Deal and Larry Adams, Be Purposeful

Larry Adams is a long-time resident of Milwaukee’s Walnut Way neighborhood. As an active member of the Walnut Way Conservation Corps, he shares his skills as a builder, gardener and bee-keeper and helps teach young African–American men to become active stewards of their communities.

Raoul Deal is a visual artist who often works in community settings both in the United States and Mexico. He currently teaches in the Department of Visual Art at UW Milwaukee, where he is also Artist in Residence for the Cultures and Communities Program. This is their first collaboration.

Chris Cornelius, Oneida Maple Sugar Camp

Cornelius, an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, is an
Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
and Principal of studio:indigenous. He was the 2003 Artist-in-Residence for the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian.

RiverPulse, Marsupial Bridge Project, Riveredge Nature Center Project

Ray Chi is a multi-disciplinary artist and holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles. His creative output includes music, furniture design, sculpture, film and video, and installation art. His work has been exhibited in galleries and theaters in New York, Los Angeles, and throughout the US. Ray is a recipient of grants from the Wisconsin Arts Board, the Gunk Foundation for Public Art (Gardiner, NY), and in 2005 was named an “Artist of the Year” by the Milwaukee Arts Board. Currently, Ray is an adjunct professor at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Dr. Tim Ehlinger – University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Aquatic and Restoration Ecologist; Conservation and Environmental Sciences Program. Professor Ehlinger has over 30 years of experience in the field of aquatic ecology and has spent the past 25 years working with fishes in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Ontario. He is an associate professor of Biological Sciences and former director of the UWM Interdisciplinary Major in Conservation and Environmental Science. He has installed and maintained water monitoring sondes in southeastern Wisconsin for over 5 years. He currently is working on projects in Costa Rica and Romania, with funding from the National Science Foundation and United States Trade and Development Agency to develop indicators of sustainable economic development, social protection, and environmental restoration.

Praveen Krishnamurti is the Director of ENTECH, a program of the Helen Bader Institute for Nonprofit Management at UW-Milwaukee. He has a background in project management and product development at various Fortune 500 corporations in the United States and overseas. He has served as a technical consultant for the United Nations on several projects in developing countries. Praveen’s primary interest is in the field of sustainable technology. He also studies the impact of the adoption of new technology by underrepresented communities.


Julilly Kohler has been a member of the Wisconsin Arts Board and the Milwaukee Arts Board, where she was a co-chair of the Milwaukee Public Art sub-committee. As the president of Brady Area Foundation for Arts and Education, she has worked since its inception to have public art be an integral part of the Marsupial Bridge, so as to celebrate its site and function.


Kae DonLevy is an environmental education and marketing consultant. She has been a grant writer and project manager for over 10 years, including the management of a 3-year, $1.8m Department of Commerce, Technology Opportunity Program (TOP) grant that was successfully completed in 2005. Kae was also the Marketing Manager at Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin between 2004 and 2006. She is co-author of a freshwater resource lesson plan that has been used by Milwaukee Public Schools since 1998, has designed several websites and was the creative director for the Aqua Spot, a touch screen freshwater kiosk placed in several locations in Milwaukee in 2005.

For more information contact:
and visit:

Mary Osmundsen and the Sixteenth Street Community Health Center, The Kinnickinnic River Project

Mary Osmundsen is an artist whose work explores biology and it’s relationship to contemporary culture. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Midwest as well as in Germany, France and China. She is a native of Wisconsin currently living and working in Milwaukee.

Andrea Fuentes is an outreach educator with The Sixteenth Street Community Health Center’s Office of Environmental Health. Her work is focused on the communities surrounding the Kinnickinnic River Corridor. Originally from Chile, she now lives in Waukesha.

Jose’ Medina, Monica Gonzalez and Adolfo Garcia are students in Jannette Burgos 4th grade class at J.W. Riley Elementary. Their school is within walking distance to the Kinnickinnic River. They enjoy hiking, snow shoeing and viewing wildlife (especially snakes.)

Evan McDoniels is an outreach assistant with The Sixteenth Street Community Health Center’s Department of Environmental Health focusing on the Kinnickinnic River Project, a multi-facetted community approach to sustainability. As a poet, self-taught artist and graduate in Women’s Studies from UWM, Evan strives to bring an interdisciplinary approach to life and his work.

Lane Hall, Lisa Moline, and Dr. J. Rudi Strickler, Metazoa

Dr. J. Rudi Strickler is the Shaw Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences at UWM’s “Water Institute.” His research on the functional ecology of micro-crustacean zooplankton has gained international recognition. He has spent his life taking pictures of teaming life-forms that few people even see.

Lane Hall is a multi-media artist and writer who currently teaches within the Department of English at UWM and works with the representation of animals. He is particularly interested in life-forms that have an ambivalent place in culture: insects, reptiles, micro-life, and vermin.

Lisa Moline teaches typography, web-design and multi-media within the Department of Visual Art at UWM. She works in print, book, video and web formats, and her work involves the uneasy relationships between nature and technology.

Nicolas Lampert, Stop Organized Crime

Nicolas Lampert curated the Seeing Green show. Prior to this show, he co-organized the group art show, Drawing Resistance – a traveling political art show that traveled to over 30 different cities in the US and Canada from 2001-2005. He works with a number of radical art collectives including Just Seeds/Visual Resistance Artist Cooperative (, Street Art Workers ( and the Cut and Paint ‘zine project ( His visual art website is:

William Andersen, Wisconsin China Made

William Andersen is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His artwork has recently been exhibited in the Wisconsin Triennial
at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art and in CORKVESSEL at Timezone 8, Shanghai and in Beijing at the Pickled Art Center and the Gao Brothers Contemporary
Art Center among several other national and international venues. William is currently a Senior Lecturer in Visual Art at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. More of his work can be seen at:

Colin Matthes, Surveillance Camera Birdhouses

Colin Matthes works across a range of media including drawing, sculpture, public intervention, and zines. Additionally he works on collective art projects including the Street Art Workers (, the “Cut and Paint” zine project (, and the Just Seeds / Visual Resistance Artist Cooperative ( For more information:

fre.axis, Just Add Salt

fre.axis is a nebulous, anonymous and temporal association of art mischievists, dedicated to using visual media and intervention in public space to provoke confusion, curiosity, thought and action.

Kim Beckmann-Moegenburg, air + water + habitat

Kim Beckmann is an Assistant Professor in Graphic Design at the Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a practicing artist and designer. She has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and internationally in Korea, Greece, and Bulgaria. She received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Print/Media, and her BFA from Florida State University in Graphic Design.

Marc Tasman, Sidewalk Intervention

Marc Tasman is a 2006 recipient of the Mary Nohl Fellowship for Individual Artists. He is a lecturer in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication and coordinator of the Digital Arts and Culture Certificate Program. Tasman is renown for his performance, video and photography works including The Chocolate Messiah, Video Vigilante, Ninety-Nine Star American Flag, Ten-Year Polaroid Project, and for his international paper presentations at scholarly conferences on reactions to the “ironic” bigotry of Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Borat.

Kelly Aubin Golyzniak, Jeremy Soika, Matt Flower, Paul Corrado, The Fresh Coast Project

The Fresh Coast Project is a collaboration by Kelly Golyzniak (local glass artist and glass educator), Paul Carrodo (local independent graphic designer), Jeremy Soika (local community developer / Urban planner), Matt Flower (Environmental educator)

Susan Simensky Bietila, 28 Years of People Power

Susan Simensky Bietila is a Riverwest artist, who collaborates with social justice movements with drawings, prints, comics, photography, collage, guerilla theatre, and installations.

Eddee Daniel and Charles St. Charles III, The Milwaukee River Watershed Mosaic

Eddee Daniel has taught photography for more than 25 years in secondary and higher education. He is on the board of directors of Friends of Milwaukee’s Rivers, a local environmental organization and part of the national Waterkeeper Alliance. His book, Urban Wilderness: Exploring a Metropolitan Watershed, is due to be published in June 2008 by the Center for American Places. See his work at

Charles St. Charles III is an award-winning nature photographer who has presented his work to hundreds of classrooms and boardrooms across the country. He presents his images and engaging stories of experiences photographing and videotaping wildlife and landscapes through public lectures, college classes and presentations to public schools. You can see his work at

Laura Klein, The Banquet

Laura Klein is an artist and is an elementary school librarian who is passionate about storytelling. She is painter and filmmaker and focuses on topics addressing creative solutions to necessary needs. In addition to her story The Banquet, she is also creating an animated film of the book, due to be completed in 2009.

Michelle Woggon and Zachary Nesgoda, Harvesting Rainwater / Out of Sight

Michelle Woggon will be completing her undergraduate degree in Architecture at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in the spring of 2008. Michelle will be pursuing a career in sustainable residential design.

Zachary Nesgoda will be completing his undergraduate education in Architecture at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee in the spring. His film ‘Out of Sight’ has recently been screened at both the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at UW-Milwaukee and the Art Institute in Chicago. Zachary will be pursuing a career in environmental design.

Kevin Giese, European Buckthorn

Kevin Giese recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a degree in Painting and Drawing. For several years his art work has focused on his relationship to landscape. It is both personally engaging and relevant in the context of local culture.

Jeremy Novy, Koi Fish Stencils

For the past ten years, Jeremy Novy has utilized the street art form to explore social and political issues. He has an associate’s degree in graphic design and is finishing a BFA in photography from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has exhibited his work through IN:SITE and juried exhibits at the John Michel Kohler Arts Center and the Walkers Point Center for the Arts.

Jesse Graves, Mud Stencils

Jesse Graves is a undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee majoring in art education and jewelry metalsmithing. More mud stencil information and a how-to guide can be found at

Dena Nord, The Waste in Your Water Campaign

Dena Nord currently works at the UWM Post and is working toward a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Jason Ludke, The Near Miss Project, The Lorax Project

Jason Ludtke is an Artist and Art Education major at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. He is an advocate for cycling and healthy living through a more active lifestyle. Jason strives to create art that carries a meaningful message and promotes positive change.

Max Estes, Your Bicycle Misses You

Max Estes is a Milwaukee-based artist. His drawings, comics, and short films have been published and exhibited in America, Canada, Asia, and Europe. He’s currently an MFA candidate at the University Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Brandon Bauer, Urban Agriculture / Fractured Landscapes

Brandon Bauer is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Brandon’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. His video works have recently been screened in the Aces(s) electronic media festival in Pau, France, The European Media Arts Festival in Osnabruck, Germany, and at Project 101 in Paris among several other national and international venues. Brandon is currently pursuing an MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The Brooks Barrow Gallery, located in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, currently represents Brandon’s work.

Amanda Cichanski and Michelle Schaefer, Untwist the Truth

Amanda Cichanski and Michelle Schaefer are current students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. They combined their talents to address an environmental issue many students ignore. Both Amanda and Michelle are pursing their undergraduate degree in Graphic Design and Journalism and Mass Communication.

Suzanne Rosenblatt and Spencer Tepper, Here, Lilac

Suzanne Rosenblatt writes travel journals, blogs, and eco-poetry,performs with the Earth Poets and Musicians, draws wordrawings along Lake Michigan, paints sunrises on the beach, does tai chi and yoga,bikes, gardens organically, and is an environmental and political activist. Her books include Everyone Is Going Somewhere (MacMillan),
Memorandance (Marcel Dekker), and Shorelines (Gallery of Wisconsin Art). She has illustrated her daughter Sarah’s books (Carnegie Mellon University Press). Work on view: Rosenblatt Gallery, 181 N. Broadway, Milwaukee. Web site:

Spencer Tepper: When his son, Sam, was born, Spencer Tepper began his career in
film. From baby pictures, he progressed to stop-motion sci-fi to mirror Sam’s natural talent for creating stories with nothing more than an afternoon and a handful of action heroes. When he heard Suzanne Rosenblatt read her poetry, he decided to film her
performance in settings that matched the depth and richness of her work. Spencer wrote poetry and occasional essays in his youth, and loves art in all forms. His profession and passion are hospital management and emergency room services.

Lindsay Holden, Environmental Ethic

Lindsay Holden is an artist and teacher living and working in Delavan, Wisconsin. Lindsay recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.S. in Art Education. Currently, she is currently working as an art teacher at Delavan-Darien High School where she teaches photography, videography, graphic design, as well as introductory 2D and 3D art classes.

Ray Chi, Water Water Everywhere

Made possible by: AWE, Inc. ( Ray Chi (Lead Artist), Andrea Maio, (Apprentice Artist), Annie Killelea (Apprentice Artist). Conceived and Produced by: 6-8th grade students at Cass St. School and Lincoln Center of the Arts, Milwaukee


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